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  • Is this really free? Why is this free?
    Yes! AMOS Stat will always be free. There are no features locked behind paywall, no hidden cost, and no ads. We decided to provide AMOS Stat for free because we believe it is a first and crucial step in our mission to make mining and quarrying safer. Operations cannot become safer until everyone on site has an easily accessible scorecard for their safety performance. And safety toolbox talks cannot be effective until operations can learn from their peers in the same company, same state or same MSHA district. Plus, we hope you will explore our other offerings to improve safety at your mine / quarry once you have seen what AMOS can do for your site.
  • What do I need to start using AMOS Stat?
    The name of your mine and a free AMOS account. That's it, seriously.
  • How do you know all this information about my mine/quarry?
    Our data is collected from various public sources. We hope that by making this information easily accessible to every miner, we can democratize safety and allow each operator to hold themselves and their leadership responsible for everyone's safety.
  • How are you calculating VPID and S&S rate?
    VPID (violation per inspection day) is calculated by counting # of violations over the select time period and dividing by total # of inspection days. Total # of inspection days is calculated by adding up total onsite inspection hours and dividing by 5. This methodology is what MSHA uses but the result could be different for two reasons. 1. MSHA calculates VPID for each operator rather than for each mine site. 2. MSHA calculates VPID based on data from the last 15 months whereas we allow users to select a time period over which to calculate VPID. See here for official MSHA VPID for your site: VPID Calculator | Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) S&S rate is calculated by counting # of violations with the significant and substantial flag and dividing that by the total # of violations. MSHA calculates S&S rate differently. See here for official MSHA S&S rate for your site: S&S Calculator | Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)
  • How do I change my comparison sets?
    See here for a comprehensive tutorial on using AMOS Stat: Tutorial
  • How often does the data refresh for my site?
    Once you sign up, you will receive weekly update on detailed accident reports, injuries reports and MSHA citations report for all mines in your company, your state, and your MSHA district. Because rankings fluctuate week to week. Quarterly ranking will be more meaningful.
  • Other questions on how to use AMOS Stat
    See here for a comprehensive tutorial on using AMOS Stat: Tutorial
  • How do I change my mine ID?
    See here for a comprehensive tutorial on using AMOS Stat: Tutorial
  • Is AMOS Software available on mobile?
    Mining doesn’t happen from behind a desk. We know that your operators and supervisors are always on the go, so we’ve made our software work as well on mobile and tablet as it does on PCs.
  • My mine/quarry has limited Wi-Fi or cellular coverage. Will AMOS work for my mine/quarry?
    AMOS is designed to work with intermittent internet connection. It securely saves all data entry offline and will upload automatically in the background when it detects a connection. Your whole team will be sync'ed up seamlessly without anyone ever having to remember to sync or save.
  • Who should be using AMOS?
    All mines and quarries! AMOS is designed for everyone on the operational side of a site. We believe that workplace safety cannot just be a mantra repeated by the safety director or just a box to check at safety toolbox talks. It is a goal that every operator, from the hourly workers, to the foremen, to the supervisors should strive for. AMOS now provides them with a tool to improve safety together.
  • Is AMOS available in Spanish?
    Coming soon!
  • Does AMOS Inspect integrate with maintenance management systems?
    Coming soon! AMOS is exploring integration with popular maintenance management systems. In the meantime, access is set up for mechanics who can examine the history of issues they are working on and mark them as resolved. Maintenance managers will also get a daily email update on outstanding maintenance requests coming from operators. In fact, by bringing mechanics onto the AMOS Inspect platform, you are saving everyone significant time by adding record of closing out the work order into the original workplace examination record. (See the relevant MSHA's requirement below). "Q.7. Can alternative means of documenting the corrective action date, such as closed out work orders or invoices, be used in place of recording the date directly in the examination record? A. All information the rule requires related to adverse conditions must be in one record, including the dates of corrective action. If a closed-out work order clearly shows the same adverse condition as described on the examination record and shows the date of correction, it may be stapled, inserted, or linked to the examination record to create one record, as an alternative to simply adding the date directly onto the examination record." Source: Frequently Asked Questions (
  • Pen and paper are working pretty well for me. Why should I digitize my pre-op inspections?
    A digital inspection has 4 key advantages over pen-and-paper: It saves operator's time. They no longer have to staple and shuffle paperwork around between operators, supervisors, mechanics and the office. Once a digital inspection is filled, AMOS will take care of sharing it, updating it, and filing it away. It saves supervisors' time. They no longer have to keep track of all ongoing safety issues and corrective actions in a note app or a notebook. With one glance at their phone, they can see everything that requires their attention, and start taking actions directly. It saves safety director's time. The unalterable compliance history within AMOS Inspect becomes the basis of any future investigation. Our automatic document retention policy also means that the safety director no longer needs to manage a physical filing cabinet. It saves general manager's time. Everyone at the site will be looking at and updating into the same issue control center. To get the latest on a lingering hazard or to record approval of a purchase order, he can do it directly on his phone after reviewing comments from the operators.
  • Can I customize AMOS Inspect to fit my equipment list, workplace locations and my pre-op checklists?
    Absolutely! Your dedicated account manager will collect your list of equipment, workplace locations, and existing checklists, in whatever format they are in, and set up the system for you. Want to make a change? Email your account manager and changes will be reflected within hours.
  • Will MSHA accept digital inspection as meeting their regulatory requirement?
    Yes. MSHA actually published an FAQ addressing this specific question. Because none of AMOS' records can be altered — they can only be updated to reflect corrective actions — using AMOS fulfils your obligations under 30 CFR 56.14100, 30 CFR 56.18002, and other relevant provisions. Compliance with MSHA regulations is top of mind for us. We have a retired MSHA district manager on our customer advisory board to imprint compliance concerns into our software design from the moment of its inception. "Q.5. Can the examination records be maintained electronically? A. Yes, the examination record can be maintained electronically. The records must be made available for inspection at the mine and include all required information. Electronic records must be secure and not susceptible to unauthorized alteration." Source: Frequently Asked Questions (
  • Will it require me to interrupt operations to switch to AMOS?
    Whether you’re still working with spreadsheets or using legacy software, AMOS makes it easy to onboard without interrupting your day-to-day. Just send over your paper forms, in whichever format you have, and your dedicated AMOS account manager will set them up in the system for you. Need to add a new rental equipment or make a change, email your dedicated account manager and it will be reflected on the platform within hours.
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